Aux Alentours

Le Cap d’Agde, pour votre séjour en camping

AIn Agde, Cap d’Agde and Grau d’Agde many activities are available throughout the season. Discover the surroundings of the campsite where you will be surprised by the richness of the land! Discoveries full of surprises. Why not spend a sunny day exploring downtown Agde. A historic site where you can traverse 26 centuries of history with its Cathedral, its historic streets, and “La Glacière”. Its archeological treasures and its architectural features will transport you through time…

Le Cap d’Agde

Cap d’Agde, a famous seaside resort, is a mosaic of neighbourhoods that enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. 10 atmospheres are available through 10 neighbourhoods with very different styles, where the typical colours of Languedoc, pine forests and oleanders mingle. Quiet or bustling, it’s up to you to choose the neighbourhood that suits you! It is a vast congregation mostly open to the sea and backed by Mont Saint-Loup, which you must imperatively visit on foot or by bike, thanks to the maze of pedestrian walkways and bike paths. Take the time to visit its marina, the Ephèbe museum, the Aquarium, the Ile des Loisirs, its naturist village. For the more athletic, Cap d’Agde is also an International Golf and an International Tennis Centre.

Grau d’Agde

This traditional fishing village is just a few steps from the city of Agde, on the edge of the Mediterranean, on the left bank of the river Hérault. Choose the small road that meanders along the river to get to Grau d’Agde. On foot or by bike, this pleasant walk can be done safely, by the bike path. During the summer season, a nautical service also allows you to reach Le Grau d’Agde directly from La Tamarissière and vice versa. During the day, many restaurants and shops can be discovered on the quays along the Hérault. Take a seat in one of the cafes and sip a cool drink facing the sea. A real treat! Spend an evening visiting its various night markets and festivals (fishermen’s festival, sea festival, “Pointu” festival (a kind of sea snail)…).

La Tamarissière

Between the beach and the forest, discover La Tamarissière, a small seaside village, against a bicentennial pine forest that has everything to please enthusiasts of nature and tranquility!
With must-see destinations and the picturesque villages of St Guilhem de Désert, Pont du Diable (Devil’s Bridge), the Caves of Clamouse, Pézénas, Minerve, Sète, Collioure.