The question of sustainable development is one of our essential concerns to which we strive daily to apply gestures and habits to work for its protection.
Management and all of its employees adopt the following actions for a positive impact on the environment. Here is the list:

• Simple gestures:
– Awareness of energy saving: turn off lights when leaving the premises, computers, screens and photocopiers.
– Use of hot / cold air conditioners wisely, without overheating unnecessarily.
– Provision of electric carts and gradually replacement of carts by motorized bikes.
– Selective sorting of waste and paper and reuse of printed paper for draft.
– Moderate use of printers, printing mainly in black and white and recto / verso, recycling of used cartridges / toners.

• Environmental organization at the campsite
– Pruning trees and reusing 30% of wood chips for mulching green spaces.
– Transformation of the campsite, with vegetation that does not require much water, with no need for watering.
– Installation of a rainwater collection tank for supplying 7 decorative fountains as well as supplying reception toilets and future staff cloakroom toilets.
– Gradual reduction of vehicle lanes for a development only for pedestrians or cycle paths (ultimately 80% of the campsite area) with the aim of reducing vehicle CO2 emissions.
– Rehabilitation of our entire water network with current standards in force and positioning of valves to shut off water in the event of a leak.
– Upgrading of all our electrical networks to current energy standards.
– Installation of lighting with low consumption LED bulbs with programmed clock for switching on and off at low-traffic times of our holidaymakers.

• Awareness given to holidaymakers
– Selective sorting with a central collection point.
– Preventive action on the use of air conditioning when our holidaymakers are away from their mobile home. We invite them to close their shutters and open windows if necessary.
– Call attention to be sure to turn off lights when they leave a room. Ditto for the water taps to close properly and the use of the dishwasher and laundromat.